Research activities of NGOs BIOLYUKS implemented in close cooperation with scientific institutions of Russia:


Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Education "Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology - MBA behalf of KI Scriabin "

Scientific Research Institute of Nutrition (Moscow)

Saint Petersburg State University

Federal State Institution of Science

"The Institute of Toxicology of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency"


NGOs BIOLYUKS company conducts research work in several directions:

The development of new galenic (natural) medicines, dietary supplements and parapharmaceuticals.


NGOs BIOLYUKS Company is studying the natural sources of raw materials and using techniques of biotechnology is developing drugs, biologically active food supplements, cosmetics and specialty products and dietary preventive nutrition.


To ensure intellectual property security company NPO BIOLYUKS uses patented method.


Using their potential and close cooperation with leading scientific centers of Russia:


First Moscow State Medical University. THEM. Sechenov Health Ministry of Russia

All-Russian Research Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (RAAS GNU VILAR)

Saint-Petersburg Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy

Institute of Experimental Pharmacology (St. Petersburg)

State Research Center "Institute of Immunology" of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency

Northwest Scientific Center of Hygiene and Public Health (St. Petersburg)

Pyatigorsk Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy

Rheumatology Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

St. Petersburg Medical University im.Pavlova

Institute for Analytical Instrumentation (Saint-Petersburg)


NGOs BIOLYUKS company takes dietary supplements with proven clinical properties medicines.


All of this allows us to be confident in the quality, effectiveness and safety of NGOs BIOLYUKS products.