The company "NPO Biolux" was founded in St. Petersburg in 2007. 

NPO Biolux is the production base of Irina Filippova's Fungotherapy Center. Since the day of its foundation, the company has been active in researching the medicinal properties of fungi, creating and registering biologically active additives and cosmetics using plant materials.

The company has established itself as a reliable partner for a large number of companies in Russia and abroad, has repeatedly won the St. Petersburg Government Prize in the nomination "The Best Exporter of the Year".

On the parapharmaceutical market of natural (galenic) preparations, the company successfully works both in the field of scientific research, development and creation of the product, and in the production of products from the zero cycle to the delivery of goods to retail chains. The basis of the technological process of the enterprise lies in the field of biotechnology.



• dynamically developing company;

• production is organized in compliance with GMP rules;

• a young, energetic team of like-minded professionals;

• the technological cycle in the production is organized in such a way that several types of products, supplements and cosmetics can be produced simultaneously without the risk of contamination and mixing of various products during production;

• Thanks to many years of experience, we have achieved the stability of obtaining quality biopreparations at all stages in the process of their production;

• Various production of product forms has been established: in paper sachets, capsules, tablets and coated tablets, cosmetics in tubes and jars.


"NGO" BIOLYUX "constantly develops three directions: 

- Production and promotion of biologically active additives from natural components;

- Rendering services to third-party organizations in the field of developing a new product, product certification, contract production of various forms and types of products according to the customer's parameters.

- Carrying out research work in several directions: development of new galenic (natural) medicines, dietary supplements and parapharmaceuticals.


The firm "NGO BIOLYUX" is constantly expanding its production capacities and capabilities, new equipment is being commissioned, new dosage forms are being developed, and production areas are expanding.


Experts working in the company, on a permanent basis, search for promising galenic and parapharmaceutical means for expanding their assortment portfolio. Since the very foundation of the company, a registration department has been created in it, which deals with state registration of products. Annually the workers of the production confirm their qualification for knowledge of the principles of work according to GMP standards.


All employees of the company relate to their work and to all production, as to a complex musical instrument requiring professional and accurate tuning for the most correct and unmistakable sound.



Promoting the prosperity of a healthy society by providing the population with high-quality, safe and affordable products from natural components.



Great experience in contract manufacturing, well-established processes

Short lead times

Competitive price

Individual approach

Regular quality control of raw materials

Quality control of finished products

Reliable modern technological equipment




• experience and thorough knowledge of one's business

• constant innovations, improvements, searching for optimal solutions 

• continuous professional development


• Achieve the best results in the shortest time possible 

• optimal use of resources 


• mutual understanding and trust within the company 

• joint problem solving and achievement of results 

• open and friendly interaction with partners and clients 

A responsibility 

• to each other as employees of the company for observing the principles of work 

• to the consumer for the quality of our products

• to partners for fulfilling their obligations


Choosing "NGO BIOLYUX" as a partner, you help your business grow, develop and conquer competitors!

Development and production of biologically active additives - the main direction of work of "NGO" BIOLYUKS "